Coaching tips

Check this page for coaching tips for both players and coaches. Here are some to start with!


1. Set a goal(s) every time you practice. In this way you will always practice with direction and purpose.

2. Try and learn from watching players who are better than you. What makes them successful? This may be a team mate or an Australian player.

3. Always encourage your team mates, both at practice and during matches.

4. The most important ball in cricket is the next ball. Keep your focus on the next ball and you will have greater success. Worrying about the last ball or what might happen later in the match can only lead to self doubt.



1. Always maximise participation for all your players at practice. Rather than have one group of 12, split them up into 2 groups of 6 or 3 groups of 4.

2. Play some sort of cricket related game every practice. Children love games, they are great fun and create an excellent learning environment.

3. Always provide positive feedback to your players. Every one likes to hear good things about themselves! This in turn will engender greater enthusiasm amongst your players.